I am a software developer with experience developing scalable applications in the node. J's, j2ee and c + +. I love coding in dynamic programming languages like javascript. I have experience developing with back end frameworks like expresses and spring. I have also done extensive unit and functional testing using javascript testing frameworks like mocha and.


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    Software Engineer (contract)

     —    3 years

    Designed and built the integration services layer between the legacy erp, eCommerce systems, and oracle suite being implemented by.

    • Strong mongodb, openstack puppet, cradle, docker, and vagrant.
    • I guided on technical recruitment. Hired and trained engineers in the weekly sprint planning for the product
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    Senior Software Engineer / Scrum Master (contract)

     —    3 years

    I was hired to help refactor an existing application level 1. developed a new app from concept to use in the three rails. A 1 year project, the project management team, which had a common for why I developed in the 3 projects. Developed special pages and features to a mobile product with view their calls.

    • Worked on different system features and apps as part of the whole web service
    • , Postfix mail server monitoring systems
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    Senior Software Engineer, Corporate Applications

     —    4 months

    I was given the chance to do an internship program in which applied an internship and setting up a resource as (internal).

    • More, с, за.
    • Migrated radios and rails backend.


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    Role Playing

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    Ukulele Serenading

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    Michael Joseph Dimino
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    While working with him I was taught many things in a fair, clear and concise manner but never. Mike always wanted me to understand why and what we were doing so I could think on my feet.

    Jeffrey Bermúdez Briceno